What to Change to Find Love

Many people have quite undefined expectations of love and tend to pile layers and stacks of points on top of each other that need to be fulfilled in order for love to be present.

But what these expectations and points do is that they create a feeling of constant disappointment in. Again and again the expectations are not met and people ask themselves where is that love of my life?

It’s quite seldom that people realize that they have all of these expectations to love. People realize the frustrations that once again love did not come their way. The next thing people tend to think is that they don’t have a talent for love.

The necessary steps to take to get out of these muddled waters are the following:

  1. Define what your concrete expectations to love and a partner are
  2. Prioritize the most important three areas or points
  3. Look elsewhere than you normally do for a new partner

These three steps will force you to land more in your own priorities and it will direct your attention to finding what you really long for deep down instead of being the victim of too many unclear expectations inside of you that neither you nor a possible partner can live up to.

I’ll be a guest in the radioprogram Dr. Drew Loveline on Friday Feb 12th at 1.30 pm PST talking more about how to find love.

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