Turn Love Upside Down this Summer

Great Summer Read About “Conscious Love”—Which Will Help You Understand Yourself and Love So You Can Get the Love Life You Long For.

Conscious love is about getting the love life you dream of. How about spending time in the company of my character Elizabeth and her quest for a conscious love life? My book may change your love life – or at least your view on love.

My novel, One Woman Three Men, begins with Elizabeth’s realization that after many failed love attempts, she needs to turn love upside down and try something new. She decides to challenge her own notions of love and creates a dating profile looking for three men to fill the following positions: A guy to talk to, a handyman and a lover. Elizabeth’s diary accounts of simultaneously dating three men are both amusing and thought-provoking.

She changes from being in control to losing control to gaining self confidence in herself around men. Does it lead to love? You have to read the book to find out. For me it did, and the book is based on my personal experiences when I turned love upside down for a while with the “three-men” model.

I have a special Summer offer and I hope you will share this deal with your girlfriends:

Download the One Woman Three Men eBook:  http://bit.ly/1W3Mebook
from Amazon for only $0.99 from June 24-July 1

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