Why a Woman who has had Three Men can be Great for a Man

Being with a woman who has had three men fulfill different roles for her, gives you a partner you can count on and have great sex with. She knows herself, she knows what is important in her life and she can ask you in concrete manners to be part of it. She will accept if you choose to decline an invitation. She respects herself and her needs. And she expects you to do the same.

Today we have so many choices in terms of how we want to live, what we want to do, where our curiosity is taking us, etc.. In order to maneuver in such waters you need to know yourself and your priorities. And you must be aware of how important these priorities are to you. This means, how prepared are you to defend them to make sure they are respected.

In a healthy relationship each of the partners have zones where they should not compromise and zones where they can. The compromise free zones are the areas that are important to you and your identity and integrity. If you compromise in these zones you will slowly wither as a person and over time you will ”melt” out of the relationship. Your partner may not realize it until divorce is a fact. This can of course also happen to you.

To define what is important to you is key in identifying the compromise free zones.

A woman can use the three men model to define what is important to her. You as a man can choose if you want to help her by taking on one of the positions. You don’t have to. It’s an offer. You can do it to convince her that things would be different with you. That you can show her what a great relationship is. If she chooses you to be part of the model, you may succeed and you may not. She may fall in love with you. Or you guys can have a great affair. Or become friends (with benefits).

What you get as a man when a woman decides to have three men is a woman who is more open and honest with you about her emotions and intentions.

That means that you can also be more honest and open towards her about what you want. She actually expects you to.

I’ve met a number of men in my love coaching sessions who felt a deep need for that. They felt that their sexual desire, their activities and their social life involvement was not being respected in their relationship.

With a woman who’s had three men you can tell her what you want and listen to her reactions. If she cares for you she will try what she can to make it possible for the two of you not to have to make compromises within your compromise free zones. She expects you to do the same within her compromise free zones.

If you have many such zones or they are very broadly defined you can benefit from making a more narrow definition of them. The important element is to only make the most areas a key element in your relationship.

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