3 Q&A’s on Modern love

What is modern love?

To love the Modern way is to live a life where you are present in the now and able to relate to others just like the person you are. It is a life where we play with life, challenge our presumptions, develop personal traits irrespective of gender, and in small or big manners dare to step outside the conventional squares. We spend time with each other, we say yes to invitations or no, we show who we are, and receive respect in return.

Modern lovers insist that we need more nuanced words for the many elements around love and the emotions we feel. We talk, and talk and listen, and talk and listen and listen. We create spaces where it is okay to talk about your deepest longings, your fears, you passion and your curiosity.

Some people wish to explore their sexuality in a number of different ways; others are more inclined to explore the intensities of a close personal relationship. Some do both. Or they do sonething completely different. It is fine, as long as you don’t hurt others intentionally.


Why modern love?

Modern love offers tools, words, and communities to individuals who realize that free choice comes with a couple of questions: what do I want? What effect does my desire have on others? How do I want to act considering those effects?

Modern love is also about seeing change as a parameter of human life. We promise to be honest in a considerate way.

We see no reason to continue to live with ideals from another era which nobody really respects anymore anyway. We believe in defining our ideals ourselves and then start looking for someone who share those ideals. It’s about time that we are honest about love and stop fooling ourselves and others about what we want and what we do.


Where do I start?

You decide that you want to do an effort to become more aware of your own ideals and dreams about love and start defining your own ideals.

1. You can start by asking yourself the following:

  1. What kind of relationship do I dream of
  2. What is my concrete role in it?
  3. What is my partner’s role?
  4. What is ultimate bliss for me with a partner?
  5. What am I most repelled by/fear/abhor in a relationship

2. Then focus on love and ask yourself:

  1. What type of love am I looking for?
  2. When did I experience love that I still remember?
  3. What was it like?
  4. When did I read a book or watch a film about love that I remember?
  5. Whose love life am I envious of? And why?

Once you’ve answered these questions and more along the same lines that come to you when you are contemplating, you have taken the first steps towards Modern Love.

You can be single or part of couple, you can be divorced or have a long lasting relationship. Increasing your awareness about love will give you a better love life no matter what your present love situation is.

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