Modern Love

What are your love goals for 2016?

  • Do you want to find a partner?
  • Did you just divorce and are looking for tools to do things differently next time?
  • Are you up for trying a completely different approach?

Then the One Woman Three Men model might be just what you are looking for.

I used it myself for a period in my life and it made me much more clear about what is important in my love life and how I can stick to my priorities in a relationship.

After having used the model over two different periods I wrote a novel about it. You know what itis is called? Oh yes, One Woman Three Men.

The novel will appear on the US market on March 8th 2016 and I will be blogging about it and modern love and sex on this blog. So sign up, if you want to follow.

I want to end this post by urging you to define your love goals for 2016. Once you know what you want it is so much easier to find out how to get there. And once you are there to actually feel good about it. Feel free to share your love goals below.

My love goals for 2016 are:

  • To continue to be clear in my signals to my husbandTo make our closeness and intimacy continueTo be more daring together in exploring life’s many possibilitiesWhat are your 2016 love goals and how can I help you achieve them? Share them with us here by commenting on the blog, or tweet me @1W3M  use #AskPouline or visit my Facebook page.


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