Take a Quantum Leap in Love

Earlier on there were not so many choices about sex and love and a relationship. It was more or less decided by the resources available and the traditions in your family. Most people met a partner for life who was born just 2 miles away from where they were born and people had a steady job for a life time.

Today change is a constant parameter in most areas of life. Our emotions also change over a lifetime, so at regular intervals we are faced with major decisions to make in terms of love, sex and a relationship. In such a reality it is important to be clear and conscious of what you want and to ground yourself in it to get the love life you long for. Otherwise, you risk letting coincidences, stereotypes and other people’s expectations of love and relationships shape your love life.

You can use the three man model directly by trying to find three men for the three most important areas in your life; Or you can use it indirectly to find out what is important for you in love and how to make it come through in a new or an existing relationship.

Don’t accept to stay in a dating rut. By challenging yourself with this three-man model or another new way at looking at love it may lead you to take a quantum leap in your love life. I did and I can warmly recommend it.


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